Never to Be Forgotten

    Five Bergenfield Firemen have made the supreme sacrifice. It is in their memory that this section is dedicated.

Firefighter Sumarez Hallahan – Prospect Fire Co. No.1 – July 5. 1926

Firefighter Hallahan was killed while responding to the Elks lodge to pick up a trophy that was being awarded after an annual 4th of July celebration. Firefighter Hallahan was riding on the rear step of the fire engine as it began to cross an unmanned railroad crossing.  After hearing the train whistle, the other firefighers on the engine were able to jump to safety but Hallahan was not able to.  Hallahan died from severe head injuries.

Honorary Deputy Chief Rudolph Illig – November 13, 1934

Mr. Illig was a retired FDNY captain who was made an honorary Deputy Fire Chief in the BFD.  He was working at a large brush fire at what was known then as the Russian Seminary.  He failed to return home after the call and upon investigation, Illig was found collapsed at the scene, dead from an apparent heart attack.

Firefighter John Daggett – Prospect Fire Co. No. 1 – May 2, 1935

Firefighter Daggett ran from his house to Prospect Fire Company for a second large brush fire within the hour.  The engine had already left the firehouse and Daggett caught a ride with another firefighter who owned a car.  While responding to the fire, Daggett slumped in the car and was taken to the home of a local doctor who examined him but it was too late. He died of an apparent heart attack.

Deputy Chief Joseph B. Aschenbrand –Alert Fire Co. No. 1 – February 27, 1969

At a working fire in a business located at South Washington Avenue and East Main Street, Deputy Chief Aschenbrand was working on the roof and was overcome by smoke and fumes and collapsed. He was removed by members into the aerial and taken to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Firefighter Andrew Addon – Prospect Fire Co. No. 1 – November 7, 1969

Firefighter Addon had responded to several working fires in the same night.  At the last one, which was at a printing shop, he experienced shortness of breath and was given oxygen.  Feeling better, he returned home.   Shortly thereafter, he experienced respiratory distress and was taken to the hospital where he was admitted.  He died several days later.